CHRIS CHRISTENSEN – Smart Rinse – Vanilla Oatmeal Grooming Conditioner

When Perfection Is The Only Option

Smart Rinse Vanilla Oatmeal grooming conditioner is a concentrated (8:1) conditioner designed to soothe ultra sensitive and itchy skin. Calming oatmeal and mild conditioners help to retain moisture and protect the skin coat.

Product Highlights:

• Lightly moisturizes all coat types
• Perfect companion to Smart Wash


DI Water, Methocell 40-100/Natrosol 250 HHR CS, Color 1% Solution, Propylparaben, Methylparaben USP/NF, Versene 100XL/ EDTA Na4, Apple Cider Vinegar 5% Acidity, Alcolec BS MAX:Garner 13, Cetyl Alcohol/Alfol 16 Vegerol, PEG/PPG 20/15/SF 188A, Varisoft 432 PPG, Crotein HKP/LC Powder, Escalol 557/Parsol MCX, Fragrance


Shampoo with SmartWash50 (same fragrance recommended). Apply Smart Rinse directly to the coat. Work into the coat, massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly. For a long-lasting scent, follow up with Smart Scent grooming cologne.

Dilution: Up to 8:1

Available Sizes: 12 oz. / Gallon

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