NATURE’S SPECIALTIES – Quick Relief Neem Shampoo

A medicated shampoo that provides relief from issues caused by flea and tick infestations while also deodorizing bad skin odors. Trusted by Veterinarians and  Groomers to treat numerous difficult skin and coat issues.

Product Highlights:

  • Professional groomers and Veterinarians have helped eliminate many difficult skin problems using this medicated shampoo
  • With its anti-itch, microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic abilities it naturally deodorizes while aiding in the relief of the itching and irritation that comes with flea and tick infestation, ring worm, eczema and the loss of hair seen with chewing and biting
  • Safe for dogs/cats, puppies/kittens over 6 weeks of age and other pets
  • Great for all breeds
  • Non-Toxic/Biodegradable

For best results follow with Re-Moisturizer with Aloe conditioner to add moisture and help soothe the skin


Neem oil, plus a combination of Herbal Oils in a mild shampoo base

Dilution: Up to 8:1

Available Sizes: 16 oz. / 32 oz. / Gallon

Maverick’s Pro Tip: To help heal hot spots – use fully concentrated and let soak for 5-10 minutes on affected areas and then rinse. Follow up with Wham Anti-Itch Spray to help dry up the hot spots.

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