SENSEI – SWIVL – Deluxe 22-Tooth Seamless Chunking Shear

Create a sophisticated sculpted finish fast with our blazing blender. Sensei’s modern Comfort Enhanced™ version of a classic grooming shear. The wide contact thumb ring cradles your thumb with increased surface area. It spreads the pressure out to reduce stress on the thumb. The finger handle features a broad rest for your fingers, giving you more cutting power.


Product Highlights:

  • SWIVL leaves your hand in a neutral position, which helps eliminate stress on the thumb tendon and rotates to your lower elbow.
  • SWIVL requires 75% less thumb movement to open and close the shear compared to regular shears.
  • The rotating handle allows you to work with your elbow lower in many grooming positions.
  • All shears come with a free case.

Specifications include:

  • Material: Molybdenum Alloy – Cryogenically Tempered

  • Handle: Ergonomically Rotating Crane Grip

  • Tension: Leaf Spring with Ball Bearings in Pivot

  • Pivot: Polymer Lined

  • Finger Rest: Permanent, Curved

  • Thumb: Wide Contact

  • Texture: 22-Tooth Seamless Quick Cut™

  • Edge: Convex

Available Lengths: 7.5” (Righty)  7.5″ (Lefty)

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