SENSEI – SWIVL – 35-Tooth Speedcut™ Thinning Shear

SENSEI PRECISION SPEED CUT TEXTURE SHEAR create cuts that look like they grew into the shape. No blunt lines. Do full haircuts with this texture shear for natural cuts that look grown in, not just cut. Amazing for scissor over comb with no weight lines.


Product Highlights:

  • SWIVL leaves your hand in a neutral position, which helps eliminate stress on the thumb tendon and rotates to your lower elbow.
  • SWIVL requires 75% less thumb movement to open and close the shear compared to regular shears.
  • The rotating handle allows you to work with your elbow lower in many grooming positions.
  • All shears come with a free case.

Specifications include:

  • Material: Duralite™ – 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel – Cryogenically Tempered

  • Handle: Ergonomically Rotating Crane Grip

  • Tension: Leaf Spring Tension Adjuster

  • Finger Rest: Permanent, Curved

  • Thumb: Wide Contact

  • Texture: 35-Tooth

  • Edge: Convex

Available Lengths: 6.5” (Righty only)

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