SENSEI – OPEN – Deluxe 22-Tooth Seamless Quick Cut™ Shear

Make every cut look like it just grew into the shape with our Open 22-Tooth Quick Cut™ Seamless Shear. This Neutral Grip ergonomic design, put’s your hand in it’s natural resting position while cutting. It reduces thumb travel by as much as 80% which means faster scissoring and less strain on your thumb. The wide contact thumb ring cradles your thumb with increased surface area. It spreads the pressure out to reduce stress on the thumb.

Product Highlights:

  • SWIVL leaves your hand in a neutral position, which helps eliminate stress on the thumb tendon and rotates to your lower elbow.
  • SWIVL requires 75% less thumb movement to open and close the shear compared to regular shears.
  • The rotating handle allows you to work with your elbow lower in many grooming positions.
  • All shears come with a free case.

Specifications include:

  • Material: Molybdenum Alloy – Cryogenically Tempered
  • Handle: Ergonomically Rotating Crane Grip
  • Tension: Leaf Spring with Ball Bearings in Pivot
  • Pivot: Polymer Lined
  • Finger Rest: Dual Position, Removable
  • Thumb: Wide Contact
  • Texture: 22-Tooth Seamless Quick Cut™
  • Edge: Convex

Available Lengths: 7.5” (Righty only)

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