NATURE’S SPECIALTIES – Plum Silky Conditioner

A Fragrance That Has Been Loved By Pros For 20+ Years

Product Highlights

  • Smooths & softens allowing coat to drop
  • This conditioner smells fantastic and moisturizers the coat, leaving it softer and easier to care for.
  • Adds moisture, removes static & revitalizes coat
  • Contains Keratin & Silk Proteins
  • Pair with Plum Silky shampoo, Plum Silky Waterless, Plum Silky cologne


A proprietary blend of conditioners, Essential Nutrients, Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Panthenol, Silk Proteins, Amino Acids, Acai Berry, purified water, Vitamins A, D & E and fragrance.

Dilution: Use direct or dilutes up to 32:1

Available Sizes: 16 oz. / 32 oz. / Gallon

Maverick’s Pro Tip: Great everyday conditioner with the popular Plumeria scent. Great for drop coats.

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