CHRIS CHRISTENSEN – Pro-Line Self Rinse Plus Shampoo

When Perfection Is The Only Option

Self-Rinse Plus is a “no rinse” shampoo that is used when running water is unavailable or when a quick clean up is needed. It has been specifically formulated for white and light colored dogs and cats, but may be used on all colors without altering natural coat colors.

Product Highlights:

• Great for spot cleaning and deodorizing
• Use between baths or for last minute touchups


Water (Aqua), Methyl Paraben USP/NF, Hexylene Glycol, 17901 Lemon Lime, Calfoam SLS-30, SRP BMS Pearl Dye


Apply directly on areas to be shampooed and work into a lather. With an absorbent towel, dry areas as thoroughly as possible. If coat is excessively soiled, repeat with a second application. Blow drying is recommended on longer coats and furnishings to achieve the desired effects.

Dilution: Use direct

Available Sizes: 16 oz.  / Gallon

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